Driver Support


We have included some driver specific websites below that the professional driver can use as an aide to their daily driving work.

Some of the links are to government bodies, others are just driver related interest. If you happen to notice that any of the links below do not work, please let us know.

You may also download our timesheet HERE

Driver Awareness Assessment (Southampton Docks)

DP World Video (Southampton Docks)

Driving Licence Endorsements

Driving Licence Codes

Drivers Medical requirements

Tachodisc Information, and personal digicard readers

Freight Transport Association

General help with road traffic laws etc.

One of the best sites for LGV specific ‘SatNavs’

Rest Periods and Break Requirements

Update or Renew your Driving Licence

Photocard Licence explained

How to complete an Analogue Tachodisc

How to complete a Digital Tachodisc